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John graduated from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 1974. In 1981, he began Preckshot Professional Pharmacy in Peoria, Illinois. The mission of the pharmacy was to provide a more holistic approach to healthcare for patients in Central Illinois. This was accomplished by specializing in customized medication formulation and clinical nutrition. Soon Preckshot Professional Pharmacy was recognized as being the “anti-pharmacy” pharmacy in Central Illinois. Along the way in John’s 35 year career, he received the M.George Webber Pharmacist of the Year award in 2000, the Dupont Pharmaceutical, Innovative Practitioner award in 2001, and he completed his certification in clinical nutrition (CCN) in 2006. In 2009, John joined PCCA, where, in 2012, he was named Director of Wellness Works Nutrition. He completed his fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine (FAARM) in 2014 and today continues his career of writing and lecturing on contemporary topics in nutrition.

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