1 Program with Bryan Prince, MBA
Bryan Prince, MBA, is owner of Lab Red Pharmacy Consultants LLC and specializes in USP <800> compliance.

With over 15 years of project management and containment technology experience, Bryan has gained extensive knowledge of chemical handling techniques, safety strategies, and facility design. Since 2012, Bryan has had the unique experience of observing and advising compounding pharmacies on industry specific best practices relating to workflow habits and technologies. Bryan has published numerous articles on compounding pharmacy workflow design and containment; to include the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. Bryan has been the invited speaker at conferences on workflow and USP <800> throughout the U.S. and Canada for several compounding related companies, groups, and associations.

Program Details
Workflow Strategies for Safe Hazardous Drug Handling
Published by American College of Apothecaries
Credit: ACPE (Pharmacists), ACPE (Technicians)
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